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Romeo and Juliet

May 10, 2019
By RomeElias BRONZE, Jackson, New Jersey
RomeElias BRONZE, Jackson, New Jersey
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There is a story, of star-crossed lovers, it can be a bit scary, it can be a bit sad, they wanted to be happy, but the world didn’t agree

She begged her daddy please, but she was left in tears

He said he’ll wait years, just to be with her, he loved her so dear, unlike any other


This tells you the tale of Romeo and Juliet, a one you won’t forget of young love and sacrifice, she’d sing him to sleep and he’d tell her he loved her, all they wanted was the be together

He’d run away from home and she’d climb out her window just so they can see each other smile

They didn’t know where life would take their forbidden love


They told themselves everyday, that the pain will go away

They’ll be together someday, no lying or hiding

They wouldn’t have to live in fear, only dreams and clear air

She would watch him fly away, and see him in heaven someday

Cuz little did he know, she wasn’t leaving, he cried himself to sleep and never woke up, she couldn’t bear the tragedy, so she took her life and stayed with him


They died in each other’s arms, her tears fell on his face, she didn’t wanna lose him, so she killed herself with grace

Romeo and Juliet, a love you can’t forget, it shows something special, they’d rather die if they couldn’t love one another

The author's comments:

I had written this piece when I was 14 for my English teacher. We were reading Romeo and Juliet in class and I wanted to him how much I enjoyed the story.

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