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A Piece of Me For You To Hold

May 2, 2019
By WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
WordArchitect GOLD, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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All my life I’ve been afraid

To let myself fall

To break down my walls

I took my broken pieces

And hid them underneath the soil

Placing crystal roses over top

Hoping to make a new me

The angel everyone saw

And the roots ensnared those shards

Like a cage,

Smothering them in lies

I was terrified

To let someone wander through

Because I thought

That they would unearth those shards

And pierce their skin

Feeding their blood into the ground

So I built up barriers

But one day

You dared to break past my walls

You tore up my crystal garden

Took my broken pieces

And grew them with loving hope

Watered them with tears

And this time

It was real, it was alive

A forest of lush wild plants

No longer empty and meaningless

And you took a shard for yourself

Threaded it and hung it next to your heart

And that one piece you kept

Is forever yours to hold

Forever yours to call your own

Forever yours to mold

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