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January 9, 2019
By MatthewMurdock SILVER, Istanbul, Other
MatthewMurdock SILVER, Istanbul, Other
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I swallow
in a static rhythm and a vanished manner
baffled beautifuly as if I saw Adam Sandler
attempting lines which catch me in a tummy-aching laughter
same goes for all who were a tad cancerous for they were pin-pointing honesty and so called
lack of censors

and it may be edgy
even though it's spoken out by a teenage Raggae fan
all still go as facts and you do understand
so the word for it isn't sassy rather
you're numb with all the Pain you had
and don't call an ambulance cause it'd be apparent you're in a trance
over a decade, now you don't qualify to be a father
go get notice once you'd be on a free fall right down from the rafters
do not speak of reflections cause I do quickly lose my temper
but with that I bolt next to them for my apologies afterwords
have stiffed meanings and the beams of them turn into dark matter

as a matter of fact, say if insulting was my implying caption
you'd call me sane and any damage to my brain wouldn't ever be visible
the pinnacle of these words that rhyme is
that they run in a direction completely out of my style
because I did diss dimes somewhere along the line
but it's my turn now and I dare to look people in the eye for the first time
without fear for I realized
the cannibus among the lights blazing has a record
that is tied
with whom that's been believing in thyselves self-rightous fraud lines
diminishing the pride when looking into the sky and thus
embarrassment flies inside their mind non-stop
what a foolish way to commit a crime.

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