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The Message From The Devil

January 8, 2019
By Jellybean_kay SILVER, Laporte, Indiana
Jellybean_kay SILVER, Laporte, Indiana
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You wont make it little girl you were born to die

Go save up that money, grab that rope and try

If you can't be closed from life

Then you need to pack up and say-goodbye

Tell your boyfriend "im not good enough"

And then walk away, let him call your bluff

And feel the pain you already know

Till you cant take it anymore

And tell your dad that you really miss him

Then cry your eyes out through the P.M

Dont worry child the pain will get worse

So i'll kick that anxienty up inside your hurt

You'll think to yourself how can it get worse

But im in your head, im always alert

Im the red eyes you see at night

The hands in the walls, what a fright

Imma push that sadness all the way up

On the floor, fill that alcohol cup

Your gonna smoke till the pain fades away

Then your gonna wake up wishing you were dead

Nothing will take me away

Watch out, oops its too late

Here goes the pills, running to the tub

Go under water till you cant get up



Drift away 

Watch the bubbles run up

Feel your body go numb

Watch the smoke go up

See the blod flow out

Now what are you gonna do

More Pain, More Pain

Your pulse slippin away 

More pain, More pain 

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