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fight on

January 5, 2019
By suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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we fight each day, a never ending battle, life is the butcher, and we are the cattle

one day
i walked hoome alone
i was so scared to leave his home
but he kicked me out
into the great unknown
and tht is whn it all wnt wrong
fight on
fight on
but im all alone
i need someone here
to help me home
im so scared of the great unknown
i need someone to help me
someone help me
whn i got home
thr was no light
everything i owned
was out of sight
i couldnt see straight
i was crying out
someone plz help me now
but i will
fight on
fight on
till the end
tho my heart will break again
i will never crawl back to u
cuz all u do is leave me blue
and tho i may cr-y-y-y-y-y
and tho the tears fill my e-y-y-y-yes
i will continue to
fight on
fight on
cuz thts all i can do
tho my heart breaks in two
i will heal someday
cuz somebody better thm u
will chase my clouds away
fight on
fight on
fight on

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