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Too Blue

December 27, 2018
By MatthewMurdock SILVER, Istanbul, Other
MatthewMurdock SILVER, Istanbul, Other
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hey, what's good?
will take my time on this one, for the most unspoken

the first time we had the most fun is so iconic
of how life was gonna develop for us, at least that's how i recall it,
as on video clips, you puttin' legos together and me spillin' it all
i seen the way you stood tall on those occasions, never runnin for my moms 'n' all
no complainin,
so we never fought for what you did, it was me playin' it foul

'n' god knows how many times it ached your soul for things to be the way they were
cuz i didn't have a good time with people
that may be some fax
but it also included people looking down on you because i was impulsive
alas, maybe i'm assuming what wasn't just there back then
hopefully so, but if not i hope i didn't put the pieces together
i don't ever wanna mess up a hero like you, like a Dark Phoenix Jean Grey
'cause i know you was worried 'bout me, them operations n s***
i'm sorry if i was jealousa u and all the times i hit

that biggie heart of yours, because the most important issue that's been buggin my mind
is that i screamed at you to cut you at the age of nine
for a damn fruit flavoured yoghurt
and claimed it was mine
here you have my apologies, i still cry for it since then

but no tears fell out of your eyes, you knew who you was talkin' to
and onward it's all kinda been the same loop but i want you to
know that i knew you was brave long before you told me
and i'm aware every time i fell short it was a
burden on you homie

you knew my tears, were my cheers and my hugs
i remember it all, just like that mini firefighter does
one you bought me as a present at the age of nine
and took none for yourself. out of happiness i was flyin'

and i still do, so my ask from you for the years in line
is to eat that strawberry yoghurt and make yourself happy and never blind
of the pain of everything you will have to overcome
be rebellious, be you, and never let go of the drums
may Baby Astronaut keep you away from them grey clouds.

The author's comments:

This is my first time going online on a widely reached platform. Hope you like it, best.

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