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baseball poem
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I fly through the sky, Feeling that summer breeze on my face. The sky is as colorful as technicolor Feeling the warmth of the people that catch me in their glove, Makes me feel special I just love this season I have been there for all... (more »)
Candy Gold
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  The exotic taste of the liquid, crunch of sugar mixed with milk and choco, to make the most candy of them all, chocolate. Sweeter than Jellybeans and as rich as gold, is the delightful sensation of the crunchy and... (more »)
Changing Tides
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Tides are changing, And normality aging. What was looked down upon then is no longer the case, Every old “sickness” has a new face. The victims range in age and race, Each in their lives at a different place. We are all one in the... (more »)
fly on angel's wings
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I don't mean to sound alarms But i keep thinking about self harm My actions don't receive my thoughts But i know what i'm doing, i know the cost Stranger’s voices fill my head Anxiety wins and kill my meds I cry for help but i'm left... (more »)
The Crow
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  Three men and three Ma’ams stood in the yellow wood And pondered long for long they stood Thinking on whether they shouldn’t or whether they should, Awaiting the Crow in that yellow wood. And so the Crow came.... (more »)
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On the floor she was going to do a flip As she ran she took a little slip The crowd came to a halt Her coach knew she should have only done vault She heard her ACL rip (more »)
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The water jumps between my toes. The shimmering wave glows, All shells were buried. As we tarried. The wind wisped by my nose. (more »)
The Basketball
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The ball bounced all around the court The speed and energy is why it’s my favorite sport Taking a shot Or missing a lot You better hope you’re not short! (more »)
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I have a brain, I can’t complain. It is the thing that makes me sane. It will always control my breath, otherwise I’d be bored to death. Without my brain, I’d be insane. (more »)
Rat Pack
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Once upon a time there Was a lime colored cat The cat liked to Kill all the bats He slaughtered all of mine (more »)
Ineluctable Curse
Yet again, i find myself in midst of the ineluctable curse, My smile, my joy, my emotions of happiness all disperse. I have come to realise that certain words, Have the power of searing through the deepest layers of the skin. This strenuous,... (more »)
Life of envy
Envious looks are given,? She wants to live the life the other girls living.? She examines her own hair, untamed and full of damage,? The rest of the world has already proclaimed her as a savage.? The other girls posses dresses laced with... (more »)
Lust or Love?
Her eyes, a flawless hazel hue,? Tells lies, you’d never be able to evince untrue.?Ravishing Compassion is found deeply seated in her veins,? Little does she know, she’s the reason for my writhing pain.? Her presence never fails to lift my... (more »)
Into oblivion
The crucially compelling truth befell, I could hear the siren-like consistency of the knell. I couldn’t believe that my doom was in such close proximity, I had lived with complete irresponsibility, The people we knew, the people... (more »)
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Love cautiously
Love cautiously, I was often told, If you don't want her to steal your soul. She's got eyes deeper than the seven seas, Oh how much more exquisite could they be? Her elegant way of speaking will make you want to wander inside... (more »)
The Mind
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The mind is full of confusing and complex places  able to remember many words, phrases, and faces.  Capable of so much, this tiny thing    allows you to think, speak, listen and sing.   It is you and you are it—the future it chases. (more »)
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