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By , Sioux City, IA
I get home and crack open a coke. I then sit with my friends to talk and joke. I end one and go for more. To find none, what a bore. So we sit and talk without any coke. (more »)
The Monkey
By , Sioux City, IA
We go to the zoo to see play. We arrive with our lit faces and say, “Look at that monkey!” The monkey takes Dad’s key, He turns around and sees them in a tree. (more »)
Mr. Unlucky
By , Belle Chasse, LA
There once was a man from Kentucky Who thought of himself as unlucky He met a new friend Who soon met her end Turns out she was the one unlucky (more »)
Chicken Dinner
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Last night I ate a chicken With gravy I did thicken The soft juicy meat What a savoury treat Afterwords I was finger lickin’ (more »)
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Occasionally at the beach My ankles get bit by a leach. They suck so much blood, It reddens the mud. The sight often makes people screech. (more »)
Good enough
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You tell me I'm useless That I can't do a thing You tell me I'm worthless Who would want me anyway You tell me all these things and I hear you loud and clear but there is just one problem I do not care I am good enough to solve my... (more »)
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In the morning I needed a drink, The dryness of mouth had pushed me to the brink. Some kids were free for the taking, Them I did not plan on baking. You can connect the missing link. (more »)
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There once was a boy whose voice was so sweet, His name was probably Pete. He was a star at playing the fife, His tool for cooking was always a knife. And in our salad we had some meat. (more »)
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The car next to me was economical The face of the man driving was comical. When a car hit the side his body was thrown, Everything was shattered down to every bone. And at dinner we ate something neuroanatomical. (more »)
My Dear and Loving Bed
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My Dear and Loving Bed When home from a long day of school, You greet me, so warm, yet so cool. I almost collapse, but you catch my fall, and prevent my head from hitting the wall. When the long day is over, and I sleep The warmth you... (more »)
Summer Breeze
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I can feel the wind, Blowing softly in my hair, while we are rocking slowly in our chairs, Like a gentle kiss, From my one and only Miss, Sipping on tea, As we look out to sea. Envisioning our lives, As we contemplate our future,... (more »)
Lazy Drew
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Lazy Drew Lazy Drew never learned how to swim So, he tried to learn at the gym He wanted to quit And decided to sit Now, Lazy Drew has lost a limb (more »)
Man from Aruba
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There once was a man from Aruba, Whose favorite hobby was scuba. Every day he would wish, He could spear a big fish. But settled instead for canned tuna.   (more »)
By , Commack, NY
    Anthony rested under the sun. Unaware of what he had done. The rays beat down hard. As his skin sat and charred. But, the pain had just begun. (more »)
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               A kiss feels like a warm sense of feeling                A kiss feels like butter-soft and smooth                 A kiss feels like hope in your day                A kiss well leave... (more »)
The Bachelor
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Thank you for taking time to be here, I really appreciate it But the thing is, in my life I’m not sure if you’ll fit Don’t get me wrong, You were fun It’s just You weren’t enough hun So the thing is, I can’t give you this... (more »)
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