Love cautiously

January 17, 2018

Love cautiously, I was often told,
If you don't want her to steal your soul.
She's got eyes deeper than the seven seas,
Oh how much more exquisite could they be?
Her elegant way of speaking will make you want to wander inside her radiant mind,
And as you wander more, there are only wonders you would find.
Her body, so perfect, so flawless, it's a wonderland,
It will make you want to surrender to her every desired command.
She'll make you feel like you've found where you belong,
She, never at rest, will take you along.
Her nomadic behaviour will make you lose your sanity,
Because when she leaves, so will every ounce of your humanity.
Love cautiously I was told,
But my soul, to her, has already been sold.

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