Ineluctable Curse

January 17, 2018

Yet again, i find myself in midst of the ineluctable curse,
My smile, my joy, my emotions of happiness all disperse.
I have come to realise that certain words,
Have the power of searing through the deepest layers of the skin.
This strenuous, unapologetic, undefeated battle, I can never win.
They deliver the news to me, expecting strength and courage,
But at this excruciating time, my despondent emotions are unable to remain in a place of sealed storage.
After a few hours, I see him motionless, clad in white,
I recognise this as the beginning of my gloomy sleepless nights.
I remember him with a gorgeous smile and lovely rosy cheeks,
Who would’ve thought one day I’d find him in a state so still and weak?
In a pleasant memory, not so far away, when the priest pronounced us man and wife,
Who could’ve guessed we would so soon be divested of our perfect life?
But as the angels now call for him this night,
I hope for his joyous days in heaven, which shall be full of mirth and light.

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