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I couldn't Imagine A Sun Without It's Shine

July 30, 2012
By mmmbri GOLD, Dubois, Pennsylvania
mmmbri GOLD, Dubois, Pennsylvania
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"each day's a gift, and not a given right."

I honestly don't think
There's any possible way,
To put down on paper
What I really want to say.
On the first day we met
By the way we interact,
I never imagined
That the chemicals would react.
Your smile is as bright
As the mid-day sun,
We both want the same things
and that's to have fun.
When I'm around you
I'm never down,
You put a smile on my face
And take away the frown.
We have a lot in common
And it's plain to see,
You could never ever
Be my enemy.
I may be coming off
A little too strong,
But when I have these feelings
They're never wrong.
I can't put it
In the back of my mind,
It's hard not to think about
All the time.
Despite all my efforts
You've got me tongue tied,
If you asked me about it
I wouldn't even lie.
The inspiration you give
Keeps me going,
You've got all my idea's
In my head flowing.
These emotions are different
Like I've never had,
You're totally cool, Bud
I think you're rad!
You know all my thoughts
And how I feel,
I can assure you
They're 100% real.
Co-workers by force
Friends by choice,
If I had to re-do it
I wouldn't think twice!

The author's comments:
This was written for my boyfriend loooong before we started dating. Maybe it was a sign? :)

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