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Journey To Big Sea

October 14, 2011
By itsaponay BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
itsaponay BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
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I am a pirate
Yes I am
Whose name you won't ever know
Me take all 'yer treasure
That is to me plesure
And then, me go off and go
Me go on me ship
And shake me hip
For that is the secret code
Me shipmate, Dan's wife
Sewed me all my clothes
It 'twas a lot of strife
To make all of those
Arrrr! Me maties set sail soon
Arrrr! It be the afternoon
We rumble and tumble about the waves
Me come to land and see all the graves
It was ghastly and ghoul
But there was a pool
That me jumped in a drowned :)

The author's comments:
This piece is from a long time ago, when I was maybe 9ish =)

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