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When I die

September 30, 2011
By K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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When I die
Lay me in the grass
let time simply pass
around me as I lie

When I die
Please do not mourn
My body's soul, shorn
I will be flying high

when i die
walk up to me face
All the memories, place
Please do not be shy

when i die
place your own sweet thoughts
and secure my passage, bought
and then i will fly

when i die
look at my body a glance, fast
want to see my soul, look past
i will be floating in the sky

when i die
birds and animals sing
and all noises cease to ring
the luckiest thing on me, a fly

when i die
the animal, bug, thing will see
the glorious things, surounding me
one word escapes, bye

For i am at peace
and floating on the clouds
my message for you is this

when i die
lay me in the grass
let time simply pass
around me as i lie

The author's comments:
This is something i wrote when my grandpa died, so it's got some soul ni me, it's from when i was 13, so it's more of sentimental , i still like it

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