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Fame gets to everyone

August 18, 2011
By loversam GOLD, Houston, Texas
loversam GOLD, Houston, Texas
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At first you made me think i was the one
But really i was just chosen
I let you gain my trust
But when i found out i was part of your game it was like my heart was crushed
You thought you had me fooled
Like i was some kind of tool
All you do is listen to other but yourself
So really the one that should be asking for help
I hope one day your learn lesson
If not just give a confession
What you do is hurtful and cruel
You think you’re like this rare jewel
But really you’re just another jerk
And when i say this all you do is smirk
but now i finally realize you the pathetic one here
so I’m not going to shed one single tear
I swear one day it will be the other way around
And i will be wearing the crown

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