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April 27, 2011
By jacis14 BRONZE, Holtsville Ny, New York
jacis14 BRONZE, Holtsville Ny, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"do not follow the path set out in front of you, instead go your own way and leave a trail behind"

there is a place that i know
where a single flake can turn to snow
the water here is warm and bright
nothing can haunt your dreams at night
the skies are colored pink and blue
nothing here can hurt you
you will never need to seek revenge
no thoughts will occur of avenge
the trees are fluffy,soft and green
all the water here is clean
war will never circle the mind
the people here are sweet and kind
nothing here will burn you
not even a touch of the suns beams
this perfect place is in my dreams

The author's comments:
This piece is very important to me. it defines reality even if it may be harsh and unfair. The message is basically that we can only dream of perfection and happiness and peace, but the truth of it all is that no matter how hard we try there will always be haters and downers so perfection only really exists in the most perfect world there is; our imaginations.

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