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The Runaway Bride

October 23, 2010
By Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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The start of the night, and the last of the day
Carry my burdens, watch them all float away
I know I am wrong, and I know I am scared
For the pain of the scars I must be prepared
I cling to my head and ignore my heart
Afraid I’ll make a mistake and it’ll all fall apart
So I sit in the back and watch them all run around
As they fall in love without making a sound
They all say I love you, they all say I do
But I don’t think they know what they’re getting into
The scars on their hearts have disappeared
They all look so happy of what they once feared
But the second one looks at me, I cover my face
Forget about my dreams and just stay in my place
They tell me I’m pretty and they constantly try
But I’m perfectly content and I know I’ll make it by
My camouflage fails, and I know I can’t hide
But I also can’t face them, I’m the runaway bride

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