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The Bay

November 9, 2009
By SarahRenee BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
SarahRenee BRONZE, Bear, Delaware
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Sally sat with nothing to say
As Billy floated in the bay.
Sally once longed for luxurious times
While Billy merely lied for his crimes.

One evening Billy made a shallow mistake
He got frantic, a life he did take.
“Oops” he thought placing the weapon on the ground
He then skipped away, never to be found.

Later Billy met Sally, they tripped into love
He found his story would fit in hers like a glove.
Sally had her first accident in a lobby
Then played hopscotch beside the body.

“We’re so alike,” the pair agreed
“We’ll continue our cause,” that was their creed.
For them, the end seemed non existent
As each of their kills were clean and persistent.

Until one night Billy enclosed his doom
To clean it up would take more than a broom.
Billy found it easy to create a lie
Sally could not, yet she did try.

For who in this world can be so brave?
As to venture far from their cave
To maintain a life or make a save
And keep a lover above their grave.

Her desire was to force all to believe
However, by nature, she was unable to deceive.
Billy was caught, his future was dim
Yes, indeed, he was torn limb from limb.

Then the parts thrown into the water
The day, was clear and ripe for the slaughter
Sally sat with nothing to say
As Billy floated in the bay.

The author's comments:
I pride myself in writing pieces that first appear elementary then gain meaning after reading it. This piece was constructed this way for a reason.

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