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How to Drive Poem

October 3, 2009
By M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
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Today, young Theodore Foo
has a driving test to do.

Do you feel ready? I asked.
This is it!
The test will be over
lickity split.

“I certainly am” said Theodore Foo
“stepping on the peddles is all I do.”

I suppose that’s so
but it’s really much more.
I’ll show you! Get in and
close your door.

Inside the car are hundreds of
knobs to turn, buttons to press
but do not worry
most you’ll just let rest.

Adjust your seat and mirrors
to your size.
We’re about to go on an adventure
that will be quite a surprise.

Are you in nice and tight?
Are you all buckled in?
For the adventure is about to begin.

But first...
Here are the keys!
You can’t start any car
without these.

Put them in
and turn away
when the engine roars on
will be on our way.

Time to back out
so let me remind you
to look back
behind you.

Here we go!
We’re on our way.
The adventure is yours.
This is your day!

We could turn this way
or that way
upways or downways
sideways or backways...
Anyways will be fine
we’ve got plenty of time.

Don’t worry, your gonna make
plenty of mistakes, this is for sure.

But it’s because you’re new.
You’ll get better more and more.

There are many cars
on the road.
Each one driving
a different load.

Some with kids
some with men from Mars.
Lots and lots of different cars.

Some with one seat
some with two.
Some are red cars
some are new.

Some cars are black
some cars are blue.
Some are old
and some are new.

Some have two tires
some have four
some have six
some have more.
Some cars have stripes
across their door.

You see them come
you see them go.
Some are fast
and some are slow.

Some are high
and some are low.

Some drivers
don’t like to share
they drive recklessly
without much care.

Not one car
is exactly like another
although, some do
have the same color.

With your hands
on the wheel
and you in control
how great that must feel!!!

You’re on your way
to growing up
this day is exciting
you’re on your way up.

Driving can bring much joy
and much cheer
but boy, can it make you fear.

Driving is scary
and sometimes not fun.
There will be times that you wish
you could get out and run!

So, please do be careful
Please! Please!
There’s much to watch out for
like crazy drivers
and crashing into trees.

Some don’t pay attention
as they’re driving along
talking on their phones,
shaving, and singing songs.

Some just don’t care
they’re in their own world
driving so close
they make your hair curled.

There are freeways to watch for,
traffic lights and stop signs to see
directions to follow
and all those tests at the darn DMV.

Long lines to wait in
one million feet wide
while your nerves are so jumpy
you can barely keep it inside.

There’s so much to do.
Sure, you feel free
but your car sure isn’t.
It’s one big responsibility.

New tires, paint,
the gas tank
is empty each day and each week
and of course the occasional leak...

And wait till you’re behind
someone who just won’t git
you might want to get out
and give them a kick.

But you better not!
If you get out and kick it
the policeman
will give you a very big ticket.

I enjoy the occasional cocktail
just like the rest!
But if you drink while driving
you’ll be locked up and under arrest.

You’re better than that
I know that you are.
I rate your driving
a five star.

You’ll be a safe driver
this I am sure.
A safe and caring driver
each day more and more.

You’ll buckle up nice and tight
when it’s light and at night.

I wish I could say that it’s true
crashes and bad things don’t happen.
But they do! They do!
Even with all the success you may have
this could happen to You.

Pets and kids
might run in the street
making you jump on your brakes
so be quick on your feet.

Open your eyes
come out and see
this driving world’s power
and it’s mystery.

With much to look out for
and sooo much to see
be sure to remember
each driver in each car
is a member of your global family.

I won’t always be with you
so remember my words
this earth is our home
and not for the birds.

It’s all
we’ve got
so lets give our home and our earth
some love - a great lot.

You won’t just be a driver
but the best one at that.
Show the others how it’s done
as you sit there like that.

This world has a lot
to learn from a young one like You
so be an example and drive safely
then others will too.

You’re an adult now.
A leader true and true.
You set the standard-
One day, this earth will belong to You.

So lets take care of each other
let’s show the rest
how we’re all one big family
and love this world best!

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This article has 4 comments.

asofnow GOLD said...
on Nov. 17 2010 at 5:31 pm
asofnow GOLD, Troy, Michigan
18 articles 0 photos 208 comments

Favorite Quote:
Nothing gold can stay ~ Robert Frost

i read a few lines and got bored...


but its really good

i lyk it

xxxxx said...
on May. 3 2010 at 9:50 pm
xxxxx, Taneytown, Maryland
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
I cannot forgive my friends for dying: I do not find these vanishing acts of theirs at all amusing.

- Logan Pearsall Smith

It's totally Dr. Seuss-ish!

on Dec. 31 2009 at 1:49 pm
shivasfire PLATINUM, Ashland, Oregon
20 articles 0 photos 11 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I will never let schooling interfere with my education." (-forgot who it's by though)
also "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."-Jimi Hendrix

very umm...Dr. Seuss like

hutchinsonj said...
on Oct. 22 2009 at 4:24 pm
You did an excellent description of the car and the driver. You said the following quote, "Put them in and turn away when the engine roars on will be on our way." You did a wonderful description of how the engine would sound when it would start up. You also said the following quote in the poem, "Some with kids some with men from Mars. Lots and lots of different cars. Some with one seat some with two. Some are red cars some are new. Some cars are black some cars are blue. Some are old and some are new." I think that you did an excellent job with the rhyming in these lines while describing the different features of the cars.