Zero's Thoughts About The Others

March 2, 2018
By DeadCalzone BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
DeadCalzone BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Krieg the Psychopath/Watch for his buzz axe rampage/Time to fuel the meat!


Claptrap the Fragtrap/VaultHunter.EXE/Helloooo, travelers!


Enforcer Wilhelm/Cybernetic Enhancements/A wolf and a saint


Gaige and her Deathtrap/Technomancer and machine/Time for Anarchy


Commando Axton/When his turret joins the fight/Enemies cower


Salvador has two/Because one gun's not enough/For this Gunzerker


Maya the Siren/Master of the elements/Phaselocking her foes


Lawbringer Nisha/Locking onto enemies/With her showdown skill


The Gladiator/Athena and Aspis shield/You've got red on you

The author's comments:

In my creative writing class, we were told to make some Haikus. So I figured that I would make mine about the game Borderlands, seeing as how Zero (one of the characters in the game) often speaks in haiku form. Hope you enjoy! (P.S. I couldn't find any good images, so I just used a hand.)

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