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absent adoration (starved hearts)

November 2, 2017
By BlondePoet GOLD, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
BlondePoet GOLD, Columbia Heights, Minnesota
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To those with shrapnel
for mothers–caregivers who
leave their adoring


children hanging like

a fragmented sentence. To
those who cling fast to


human companions

and burrow themselves into
the chests of lovers,


suckling maternal

love from a wet nurse’s breast
fruitlessly; who wrap


themselves in body

heat and hearken heartbeats as
though they’re eavesdropping


behind tightly-closed

doors–attempts at inventing
a memory of


when their mothers held

them close. To those who always
unravel when they’re


alone, you must love

yourself more so that you don’t
grasp at mirages


to satisfy your

starved heart; you must become the
love of your own life.

The author's comments:

written for the abandoned daughter who's desperate for love.

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