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A Musical in Haiku

October 26, 2017
By Palindrome PLATINUM, Reedley, California
Palindrome PLATINUM, Reedley, California
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-John Locke, Lost

Last night was sloppy.

How many times have they said

That word? At least twelve.


Places! Thanks, places

Get to your places, and-- hey!

No talking backstage!


I said no talking!

You're not children, after all

Just because you're twelve


My jazz shoes have holes

I can taste the speckled stage

Right through my black socks


One microphone is 

Red, and the other is blue

I like both colors


The mic, you should know,

Feels purple, not red or blue

Purple's cool and hot


Pray for the sound booth

Pray for the understudy

Pray you're not sloppy


Imagine all them

When you come back from Broadway

To sign their playbills


Bow, and skip offstage

To a magic music world.

This is not that world


This is not that world

Because it is much better

Even when sloppy


In a wonderland

You can't gossip about who's

The worst director


We trade grins when they

Say "sloppy", because we both

Counted it twelve times


Here at this theatre

We are Broadway on Earth, and

Always talk backstage

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