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The Last Night

July 30, 2013
By Lovessunlight PLATINUM, Milwaukie, Oregon
Lovessunlight PLATINUM, Milwaukie, Oregon
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The starry skies wake
The sun slowly melts in color
The land is asleep

The midnight sky falls
The day slowly vanishes
The stars break the night

The fireflies come
Lighting up the winter snow
In the fair moonlight

I lay on the ground
The snow falling all around
The cold seeping in

Here is where I rest
Light up the funeral pyre
Here is where I die

Tonight is my last
I see you sleep by my side
I close your two eyes

Tonight it all ends
Is it easy to say bye?
You already left

The snow fills my heart
I want to stay beside you
How fast it turns dark

The author's comments:
Being alone can be frightening

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