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December 4, 2010
By summerdreamer PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
summerdreamer PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
" Love isn't about loving someone who's perfect, it's about loving someone perfectly."
- I dont know who came up with it, I just saw it somewhere on facebook hehe

slip my fingertips
glides down imagination
how sweet your ghost is

I cry for your love
I don't care what they ponder
My love forbidden

yet, how I miss it
how sincere you touch my thoughts
I long for it back

gentil kiss i give
your lips simply air I lust
your existence dust

Why you haunt my dreams
Why you don't smother my screams
I beg you love me

I want more than this
I desire honesty
not shadows i lie

i wait patiently
I want your touch to be felt
to be felt by me

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