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(set of 10 Haiku poems)

October 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Fall Scene
Red, orange, yellow.
Leaves fall from the rustling trees.
They move with the breeze.

Autumn Breeze
I walk through the woods.
The autumn breeze startles me,
With its crisp cool winds.

Winter Glass
All the trees sparkle,
In the middle of winter.
The ice looks like glass.

Rainy Days
Rain, rain, dreary rain,
Drips to the beat of my heart.
It's a gloomy day.

Golden Sunshine
The golden sun shines.
It beams with its bright, rare light,
Streaming through the sky.

Palm trees sway and move.
Along the sandy coastline,
Water flows forward.

Bees and Birds
Pretty flowers sway
On a warm and sunny day
Bees buzz and birds chirp

A White Sheet
The snow is falling.
It covers the frozen ground,
Forming a white sheet.

Nature Adventure
Hiking in the woods,
The flowing creek moves along.
Here, fossils are found.

Sweet Spring
The cherry tree blooms,
Bringing the hope of springtime.
Sweet scents fill the air.

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