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Don't Blink

July 15, 2018
By Queen-IYL-09 BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
Queen-IYL-09 BRONZE, Paramus, New Jersey
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Sometimes, you should wait.

Wait for pure emotions and

Waves of memories.


Time passes quickly.

You can't take in everything,

So listen closely.


The next few seconds

Are precious moments to us.

They are our future.


Good things could happen,

Horrible things could happen. 

But for you, don't blink.


There are different things

That are in this bittersweet world.

They try to deceive. 


They try to crush you.

To torture you. To tame you.

But we are living.


Cold can wash over

Whenever it pleases to.

So, I plead, don't blink.


Many just say what

They want and do what they do

But they don't know much.


We are the living

We hold many legends, and

like before, don't blink.

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