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Courage to Resist

June 7, 2018
By edietomka SILVER, Smithfield, Rhode Island
edietomka SILVER, Smithfield, Rhode Island
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We speak of the unimaginable horrors that Hitler subjected people to.

They are just a small part of what we call

The Holocaust.

A systematic, bureaucratic, annihilation

Of over six million Jews

By the Nazi regime and their collaborators.

Two people in certain tried to survive this tragedy:

Tereza and Alicja Somanski.

Twin sisters, both 16 years old.

At least, as of 1942.

They were thrown on a train going somewhere no one knew.

For days, they stood crammed into that tiny car.

No food, no water, and blindingly hot.

There were too many people.

The train finally lurched to a stop,

And the people filed out.

Great chimneys interrupted the view of the horizon.

There was a smell in the air that the sisters couldn’t place,

But it was distinctly smoky and quite unnerving.

They followed the line of people,

tears streaming silently down their faces.

At the end of it, it branched into two lines:

One going left and one going right.

There was a man there,

Pointing left our right and changing everyone’s lives.


Tereza sent one way, Alicja the other.

An unbearable thought, being seperated.

The twins linked their hands, and together,

They began walking towards the gate,

Ignoring the shouts of the officers.

Ignoring the shouts of the pointing man.

Ignoring the shouts of the other prisoners.

Together, the sisters reached the gate.

Arbeit Macht Frei: Work Makes You Free.

Together, the sisters stepped out of Auschwitz.

Boom. Boom. The gun banged twice.

Together, the sisters died for their courage.

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