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Who Am I

June 4, 2018
By OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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"Writing does not resurrect, it buries." - John Green
"We are all just barnacles on the container ship of consciousness."-John Green

Who I am to you is not who I am to me
I live inside my head
I do not know what you see when you look at me

There's a formula, sure
To find identity
Add the external image to the internal perspective
But you will never get an accurate answer because the numbers are always changing
Even if you knew what's inside my head

And who I am to you, no matter whether you find the answer
Will twist in your mind
And you will see what you want to see
I will ignore what I refuse to believe about myself
And life will go on
And the numbers will change
And you will stop caring about who I am
Move on to someone else
And I will never know how you see me
I will only see inside my head

I hope it adds up to something bearable

For I would hate for you to be uncomfortable because of my identity

The author's comments:

If you haven't seen The Breakfast Club, go watch it!

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