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May 11, 2018
By ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
ariellamendes17 GOLD, South Salem, New York
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I step off the bus
A familiar feeling in an unfamiliar place
I feel the shift of energy because I know he’s here
I sit down in the bus station
Breathing to the beat of my heart
I pick at the skin around my fingernails
Anxious to see that face
As suddenly as it arrives, it takes off
And then
The exhaust clears
I sit to catch my breath
And there he is
I feel my heartbeat ringing through my ears
And I get the empty and fluttery feeling in my gut
My hands start to shake
And a smile sneaks its way onto my face
Stealing control of my emotions
All at once
His big brown eyes are leering down at me
My head is spinning and I fall into him
Masking my dizziness as a hug
Then the familiar scent of his cologne
Rugged and sweet all at the same time
I breathe it in
As if it’s the only oxygen that’s ever tickled my lungs

“I’ve missed you,” he says.
“Me too.”
“I needed my best friend,” he grins at me.
Grins with the passion only dancers and lovers possess
“I know how you feel. I love you,” I confess
It hits me
Here he is.  My best friend.  The boy I’m in love with. 
And I’m wrapped in his arms
And that’s good enough

The author's comments:

This piece is about the intesity of the love I have hidden from my best friend.  I've been in love with him my whole life.  And every time I see him, the world stops and it's just me and him.  

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