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Undefinable living

May 8, 2018
By PaisP SILVER, Windsor, Colorado
PaisP SILVER, Windsor, Colorado
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Our lives

can somehow

be contained

in a single word.


The basis of existence

resides in one syllable. 

Yet the perplexity

of this noun

and adjective,

has resulted

in an entire paragraph

of contradictions. 

Why do we use


to sum up

the thing we all



and cry for?

So many of us

find simplicity

to be the easiest route.

Yet my words

fall like tears

on cotton pillows. 

Without force,

or exertion.

I do not wish

for my living

to be defined

in a word. 

I want more. 


The author's comments:

I asked my best friend one late night, to give me a topic to write on. When he responded with simply life, I wanted to ask for more specifics. But that's what we're all tempted to do. We want to dwell on details instead of the overall power of our being here. There began the poem he described as the only real poetry that's every moved him. I'm not looking for fame of this work, but instead of an extended thought past out usual thought process. 

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