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April 22, 2018
By emmyrose_ SILVER, Strafford, New Hampshire
emmyrose_ SILVER, Strafford, New Hampshire
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"Books are a uniquely portable magic" -Stephen King

No one knows how their words hurt.
They cut like knives deep into her skin,
Scarring her.


The wounds never heal right.
They hurt when she moves the wrong way,
Does the wrong thing,
Says the wrong words.
She’s reminded of how they mock her.


They thought she wouldn’t hear
Or maybe they just didn’t care.


“She’s so ugly”

“I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with her”

“Fat a**”

“She thinks she’s better than everyone”

“I wish she would just shut up”

Every word
A new scar

A branding that cannot be fixed.

The author's comments:

Ths is something I wrote a while ago, but I have a lot of poems with a similar theme. I imagine a lot of you can relate, so here is a feeling I experience every day in words

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