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Find your peace

April 13, 2018
By annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
annemariei GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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Society spits perfection
like a rapper spits his rhymes
we strive
to be the greatest
to be the best
forgetting what that makes all the rest
forgetting that theres more to life than excelling at every test
forgetting that we don't have to be the next
page in the text
the next
world records best
the next
whatever it is that drives you to excess
leaving no room for self respect
let alone the respect
for others

seconds fly faster than jets
another thing we all seem to forget:
even the richest man
can't nickle and dime
to buy back the time
gone to waste
in the haste
to be one person of an aryan race
you can't nickle and dime
to sell the pride
you chose to follow
rather than swallow
you lay there on your death bed
feeling nothing but hollow
cold and alone
the heart monitor gives a final tone
“god please no”
god cant reap what you've sewn
the universe gave you the chance long ago
to reshape the rusting life you covered in gold
to rebuild the foundation with love
with hope
with compassion
with trust

Millions of people with no shoes on their feet
eating out of trashes on the street
while others eat lobster by the beach
we beseech
a solution
yet nobody ever sees the true conclusion
to put it simply, you see
man kind
has put everyone into quite the bind
we look past the atrocities
and fail to see
that we aren't even humans
without humanity

I refuse to sit back and see
the world burning beneath me
the people I love forgetting their reasons to breathe
wishing to be buried ten feet deep
we're all waging wars inside
constantly trying to stay above the wild tide
trying to find the will to stay and fight
We all face challenges unimaginable to others
but in this world we stand as brothers
and we must break down the boundaries that smother
countries cities towns in hate
begin to appreciate the space
we take up on the earth
and the beauty in every birth
when all is said and done,
when the final song is being sung
would you rather be buried with rags or riches
would you rather be buried with a heart or a hole
would you rather be fragmented or whole
In the final moments of this fight
the last breath as you head into the light
remember the way you treated others
remember the ones you loved
remember the places you've been
remember the small and beautiful things
that gave meaning to your life
the greatest success you can achieve
is being able to rest in peace.

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