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Lost at See

April 9, 2018
By xanayra BRONZE, Clinton, North Carolina
xanayra BRONZE, Clinton, North Carolina
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she wrote sunshines in his gardens
and fruitful juices in his trees

he added small showers of rain
and women on their knees

she drew ladders and tapestries
with lights swung from the wall

he developed earthquakes and earthworms
to tower over all

she painted landscapes of dragonflies
and rivers filled with fish

he worshipped girls full of coconuts
that spoke with a lisp

she spoke of filth in her parents
as hard as it to be

he clapped to music aged with angst
and ignored her family tree.

she left to leave him
he stayed back to watch

he said that he wept
but she was just a notch

The author's comments:

I write poetry to express. Now more than ever is America's youth wholeheartedly delving into the art of expression. This takes in the form of writing, social media, protests, art, music and in much more outlets to come. I am fortunate enough to be growing and developing as a human being in a time that is rich in individuality and having your voice heard. These newfound interpretations of expression give the youth all the more chance to proclaim their sentiments in such positive ways. The primary approach I choose to go about is poetry. Every single piece I wrote is a devotion to an event in my life and the piece expresses my personal prospect of the given situation at hand. I do this to raise awareness of my intimate feelings, as are others, and contribute to the increasingly diverse and plentiful amounts of personal expression already in our world today.

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