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Broken Ink

March 24, 2018
By BlueSkyGirl SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
BlueSkyGirl SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Home is a place in your heart that you only remember when you’re lost- anonymous

Black was the color of my jacket
The color of the sky
The color of the ink that ran down your arms
Staining the creases between the skin and fingernail
On the day when everything fell apart

Now everything is grey
The color of the pavement
The color of your eyes that dug into me
Not seeing how tired I was of accepting
Back when we cried and broke each other

Again and again
Again and again

Blue sent arrows though me
The color of unsaid words
The color of that smile that brings me to life
Coloring the grey world that you left
Covering up the stains of your ink

The author's comments:

Always look for the colors 

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