March 23, 2018
By TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
TesuKito GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
"I look at the world from a different angle
People change; even Satan used to be an angel" - NF

When I watch a new anime
Series, I feel as fresh as an
Orange that was peeled and
When I get to a Moment that
Makes me shed tears, I feel like
Light that just went out in

As Anime makes me Happy
More happier than reality,
Reality cries out as loud as
A toddler that doesn’t has
His toy but anime makes me
As happy as when I first smiled
And it shines brighter than the
Star that is first born.

When Anime makes me sad,
I cry and when I it makes me
Happy, I smile and when it
Gets to a tragic moment, I pity
And it makes me who I am,
Like a reflection of me in the lake,
The lake is bright black, The water
Is as sweet as juice but bitter like my
Heart and soul.

Sadness, Happiness, Jealousy,
And tense moments, it makes me
Feel many things, Like rain raining
Out emotions and each drip is an
Emotion, The cloud is crying and
When it’s not, it’s sunny when it’s
Happy and jumps out of the clouds
As if it’s trying to scare me.

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