Only Darkness

March 2, 2018

They always ask me,

why I don't break pieces of myself off,

happiness to give to those dear to me.


They call me selfish,

because I offer nothing to them.



They don't know that I have almost nothing left.



Broken pieces of light, they are scarce within me,

I can feel them, but can I keep them? No.


So I dig,

deeper and deeper ito myself to find the light,

so they may leave me alone.


But I only enabe them,

"It's too dull,"

"It's too small."


So I dig deeper, in search of bigger and brighter lights,

I clear out more and more of my only light.


I become a dark void,

these thoughts swarm my head as I search for the lights,

but the only light I find is dull and muted,

they have to go. I have to dig more.


Hope becomes despair, I'm not who I was.

I can't heal anymore, but that's okay I can't feel it.


No one gives light to me, they have a greed to fill themselves,

I can no longer give, I'm not selfish like them, I have nothing left.

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