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Present Memory

February 10, 2018
By OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Writing does not resurrect, it buries." - John Green
"We are all just barnacles on the container ship of consciousness."-John Green

Water so dark
So thick, like paint.

Sky so bright
So blue,
It hardly has a color.

Through the tunnel
Spiderwebs overhead
Rust lining the tube.

Resurfacing on the other side
An entirely different scene.

Water like glass
A thin sheet,
Nothing beneath.

Sun creating shadows behind the
Treetops peeking out of the water.

The trees grow below
Or, grew below,
That is.

The water buried those trees in their graves.

Tiny fish, the color of the water,
Live in the glass topped graves

The birds fly above the glass in the colorless sky.

I lay on the board
And close my eyes
My eyelids glow red underneath.

I would stay forever if I could.

It's too bad, even now,
I can't even recreate this moment in a memory.

A day so wonderful, time couldn't even make it more beautiful.

The author's comments:

Often our memories will make events seem better than they actually were.
This time though, the scenery was so beautiful, my memory can't even remake what I saw the first time.

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