Shadow People

February 3, 2018
By Magan04 GOLD, Pineville, Louisiana
Magan04 GOLD, Pineville, Louisiana
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They creep in the corner
Waiting for the right time
They may look like a foreigner
They commit the fiercest of crimes

Invisible they may be
You always know they're coming
They’ll stalk you by a tree
Their presence is not very calming

They bring a horrid smell with them
That isn’t contained in a border
You’ll feel very numb
You might think you have a disorder

They can’t be trusted
They can turn into anything
Sometimes they need to be adjusted
You need to worry about what they bring

Scenes  like none imaginable
That will leave you dreamless
Or very unfashionable
Nothing can fix it not even a genius

They may hide in a barn
Or at your address
But don’t mourn
Just do your best

Fighting them won’t be easy
If under a light
The fight will be breezy
They will turn white

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