Conflict of Interests

December 15, 2017

One says she’s mean
One says she’s fake
One is just left out
To think
What she thinks
They all just assume
She’s on the same page
But really inside
She’s a broken soul
Half wants to scream
All the secrets and lies
One wants to hide
All the secrets and lies
One just wants peace
To not hurt her friend
But my heart speaks the truth
That only I can say
I need to step up
Stop having conflicts of interest
For all that I can say
Is that I just want to help
But my conflicts of interest
Don’t know what to do
On the outside, I must hide
But on the inside, I’m a wreck
So go ahead
Blame it on my conflict of interests
But I just don’t know what to do
What do say
How to pretend
How to tell her
And not hurt her
For she’s such a kind-hearted soul
I don’t know anymore
Than the next person
But this I know
I will tell her
Someday when we’re alone
So the others don’t see her hurt
And her crushed up inside
But I don’t want to cause hurt either
So maybe I’ll just
Continue to hide
With my conflict of interests
Boiling inside.

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