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Where I’m from

December 5, 2017
By Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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“Don’t let them tell you it was on your back; the point of contention is how they act. Where you draw the line will set you free,” -Chris #1, AntiFlag (The Debate is Over)

I am from the south
Was there for nine
Where mac-and-cheese is a vegetable
From hurricanes and beaches
From home-cooking and crazy halloweens
From hot-pink-with-silver-star books and outdoor classrooms
From the Harry Potter club and the Accelerated Reading program
From snakes around the neck and the neighbor's pool parties
From good barbecue everywhere

I am from Ohio
Visit there often
Where I breathed my first breath
From family reunions and ALS walks
From photos at every meal and chili on spaghetti
From laughter and trick-wrapping
From going out on the Reds field and watching dad catch the first pitch

I am from the heart
Never afraid to be myself
Where I hide myself behind shyness until I know someone
From standing up against bullies
From being tormented again and again
From my teachings on how to defend myself
From being myself

I am from nature
Outside in rain or shine
Where I can listen and relax
From a cabin in the Appalachians that belonged to friends
From creeks filled with rose quartz and geodes
From rugged mountains and jagged peaks
From happy memories of hanging with friends and stargazing

I am from photos
Lost faces swimming by
Where I can remember forgotten times
From the happy moments and sad moments
Forgotten memories flowing back
And reminding me of my life
Before moving to Minnesota

The author's comments:

We had to do this in Language Arts- it’s a spinnoff poem that I took in a different direction

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