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Suffering in silence

November 28, 2017
By Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
Breezette DIAMOND, Uniontown, Arkansas
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Every Time I even think of you, all those bad memories just fade away, 'cause your smile's enough, you're enough...

Tears, rain, broken promises

all I had, and all I wanted

On the floor, in a scattered pattern

while i lay here, on, old, grey, gravel

All we were, all we had,

was exceptionally good, now horribly bad

I smiled a lot, and you did too

but now i don't, and i'm sorely bruised

it feels like you, punched me in the gut

like i was never, good enough

all your lies, and your empty threats

broke my heart, and all thats left

Now I sit here, crying out loud

breaking in side, no longer with sound

Tears, Rain, broken promises

all We Had, all I wanted

Laying here, in dusty shard

every problem i'd disregard

just to hold onto a friend

when I knew there'd be an end

I wish that I had realized 

that I wasn't good enough in your eyes

that that boy you've had for months

was more important than my love

I'm sorry That I failded you

I wished you'd loved me too

Now I hope that you, find some sort of happiness

while i'm sitting here, suffering in silence...

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