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September 29, 2017
By Ishaansh Singh BRONZE, Pune, Please Select
Ishaansh Singh BRONZE, Pune, Please Select
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Second chances don't expire till midnight.

For all that remains, the Satan shall haunt,
Not only those who defy him but those who nurture him.
The ill could not be worse, the Satan shall kill.
He doth kill all who perceive their presence,
And then feel no shame or dread.
He taketh away bread from the peasant,
And in the deapth of hell let them burn.
Torture, devastation, animosity, he maketh others nurture for him,
And sinned they are in his name,
For he lacks courage to face his own.
Coward, b*****d, and cruel shall he be defined as,
Only to learn that he personifies them.
Faithfully and sincerely, the mortals pray whole heartedly,
For his very existence to cease;
For death to strangle him by the throat and take along with her this creature.
His liver shall burn in poison, and his eyes shall vanish.
His thought and feeling shall never learn what reason is, for they never did.
His tongue shall be cut to deny any expression.
And in the fire that existed among the hell, purgatory and the darkest of heaven, shall be burn and disappear in.
Never shall his existence be known.
Death alone shall kill him, with the deadliest sins of all.

The author's comments:

It is animosity that compelled me to write this. Never have I ever hated anyone with such great power. After all, hatred does exist in all in the most surprising forms.

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