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Blind sight

September 16, 2017
By Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
Daizee GOLD, Pretoria, Other
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Favorite Quote:
God is above all things.

Kick me out of your life with a blank face
Pretend I never meant anything to you 
Pretend that you never watched me sleep and prayed that I never left your side
As if you are not the one that begged me to be in your life
As if I’m an unwanted gift
Throw me out of your heart
Like my name is not embedded on it
Like it doesn’t really belong to me
Pretend that she makes you happy
Pretend that she is enough
Pretend you actually care about her.
Shove me out of your mind
You are always thinking about me
Thinking about the times when you thought I wouldn’t love you forever because you felt like you weren’t enough for me
Tell me about your mother
Tell me about your abusive father
Tell me about all the times you heard the thunder and you thought it was your fathers fist connecting with your mother’s cheek
I know you
I know you’re afraid
I know that you don’t really want me to leave
I know you’re afraid of being so open and vulnerable
You don’t have to be.

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