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Being Ugly

August 18, 2017
By Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
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Being ugly-
It isn't a thing.
It's like the moment when someone tells you you aren't normal.
Some may say that they are more good-looking than others, and if you believe the remarks, then every single comment they utter will be something that you
It really just depends what you would like to achieve.
Whether it's being a part of the world or being seen as the most popular person in the whole school....
You have a goal.
But to tell you the truth, life isn't about who has this and/or who has that.
Every one of us has something and someone rather than nothing and no one.
And that is enough.
Or so it should be.

Being ugly.
Your peers look at you and gossip, spreading rumors about you all around the school.
It's okay, they just don't see it yet.
They don't see how you are better than them.
One day they will and they will assume you are someone after all.
Being ugly does not exist.
"She's ugly," they'll say "What's that on that kid's face?" They'll ask.
But they shouldn't.

It's middle school.
People haven't met up with reality completely.

You will tell a student something and they'll fire an insult to you.
You will attempt to help a teenager on a math problem, and they'll tell you they don't need help.

And then there are the kind students.
The ones who make you smile every day.
They are one of a kind, they make everyone feel good about themselves.
They can make you feel beautiful.

Girls and boys,
Here I am to tell you that the term "ugly" holds no meaning.
You can call a book ugly, or a scar ugly. But not a person.
Because once you do, that person will prove you wrong and you will regret that rude comment for a long time.

They say time flies by.
But really, you fly by.

Your thoughts alter as you meet others.
Whatever they say may impact the perspectives you have for people or objects, even situations.

Being beautiful.
You aren't the only one who falls under this ranking, truth be told, everyone's appearance is stunning.
Whether you only have one arm, walk on one leg, see with one eye, hear with one ear, talk with no voice, you are exquisite.
You have traveled far, the rest of us have a long way to high school and we've got much to learn.
We cannot judge others for their appearance.
You haven't quite recognized their past.

You are leading a life.
Treat your year(s) here like they are your last few moments.
Cherish each memory, laugh out loud, treat your peers with good intentions.
But most of all..
Treat them like the most beautiful of children.

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on May. 16 2018 at 2:01 pm
WolfWhisperer0911, Austin, Texas
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@Sofia_Gonz07 Great poem!