The Moment

August 11, 2017
By Zo-Zo SILVER, Ames, Iowa
Zo-Zo SILVER, Ames, Iowa
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The moment.


I am the sun of the morning.

Beautiful in color,

joyful in heart.

Never have I missed a day to be the sunshine on someone who is having a unacceptable day.

But if you really knew me,

You would know that every day,

I am in  a world of my own, feeling lonely for something that’s not going to change.

How pain devours away the inside of me every day.

Even when I am shining as bright as I can handle.

My tears fade away the light every moment of my life.

If you really knew me,

you would know I’m not the best in the world.


Sometimes I wonder,

who am I?

Who am I that the wind would bow the trees

so I can be shaded when the sun shows no mercy?

Who am I that the the world would stop when I am overflowing with grief?

Who am I that my name would care to be known?

And there are  days,

when I feel like the weight of the world is upon my back.

And the nightmares weigh me down,

as if I’m carrying a load of mountain upon my back,

And I cannot run fast enough from the thing that keeps on chasing me day after day.

And each passing day,

it gets heavier and heavier until I can hardly run,

I keep on running slower and slower,

I am afraid for the day when the moment comes to stop running.

Who am I,  I ask,

I am who God made me to be.


I am the sun of the morning,

beautiful in color,

joyful in heart.

And I do not need the stars to show their splendor when I speak.

Or for the trees to bow and shade me from the sun when I tell them too.

To make me who I am.

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