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May 24, 2017
By AlphaGoose PLATINUM, Corpus Christi, Texas
AlphaGoose PLATINUM, Corpus Christi, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"You grew flowers in my lungs and even though they're beautiful, I cannot breathe."

A dream of hot charcoal with unspoken
diamonds as smoking stars.

The screams of nearby asteroids cause the planets to resonate and cry in empathy.

Neptune’s blue facade has repressed oceans
of chunky ice and creamy foam.

All of these things don’t exist to those
who don’t see

Beings of only nature, not of science.

Even then, I hope to behold the magnificence of the sun’s children with their glowing eyes and molten hearts.

It’s better than expecting the kin of the moon

Cold, foreign barbarians, outcasts, and …

almost nonexistent.

I am a child of the moon


My flesh and hidden orbs are some sort
of molten significance.

There’s no black and white

The galaxy is an infinitude of colors
and realities.

Besides, I don’t care what the Milky Way says.

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