May 2, 2017

Why is life so unfair
Good people suffer
While bad people seem to  thrive
Why is this right?
So many people just say that the world isn’t fair
But there’s so much to it than that
Why do good people lay down
Give up
Not fight
Why don’t we fight for our freedom
Fight for justice against constantly being judged,
By our ability to do something that we can’t
Every day is a battle
Trying to fight to stay alive and awake
But we come out of it
Stronger than before
If we lose hope
We will lose the battle
If we are constantly fighting
And giving up
It only means letting our enemy win
So why do we give up?

We are constantly judged by what we’re not good at
It’s like judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree
If you do this
The fish will spend its entire life thinking that it is stupid
And worthless
It’s not fair
So stand up against this
Help someone
Show them that you are judging them by their ability to do what they’re best at and not as a fish and it’s ability to climb a tree.

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