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I just don't understand

April 8, 2017
By JacobH8 SILVER, Paragould, Arkansas
JacobH8 SILVER, Paragould, Arkansas
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I don't understand what's happening
We were doing so well
Until you locked me out
I need to know what's going on
But you won't give it to me
You say harsh words
And you tell me not to say them to you
I don't understand what's happening
It all went down so fast
I need inside
You need to let me inside
I nearly ended it all
I can't go on like this
I just wanted to know what was happening
And you shut me out
And threw away the key
Dear, let me in
I need in
You will never see this
But everyone else will
You hurt me bad
You shot me through the heart with Love's Crimson arrow
And now you twist it
Messing with my heart
You say harsh things
I don't understand what's happening
Are we not meant to be?
Are we not good together?
It's all falling apart
No matter how hard I try to save it
Help me save it
And maybe we can continue

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