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February 25, 2017
By ContagiousElf BRONZE, Colville, Washington
ContagiousElf BRONZE, Colville, Washington
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I am an angel
One of pure darkness
I forbear this dark entity
And refuse to be loquacious
For fear of discovery
If revealed,
This secluded part
Could do more harm than good
If released,
The evil will seep
And attack
Therefore I must keep hidden
Although I am an angel
I am not an acceptable one
I have hidden for years
I have tried to be like a dove
Light and ready to become pure
I have fought for this Darkness to leave
And yet it stays
For it prefers to devour happiness
And favorable memories
Leaving a path of destruction
In its atrocious wake
It has become exhausting
To hold this monstrosity back
It is unmovable
No drugs or therapy can help
For those services are only temporary
And I am forced
To live with this black, bubbling tumor
It gets lonely
Being completely alone
Aside from the burning mass inside
If there was an angel of light to help me
I could peradventure survive
The darkness consumes everything
Faster than light.

The author's comments:

I have depression and I thought it would be a good idea to write about it and bring awareness to teen depression. I did this because most adults without this condition, don't fully realize the struggles of modern depression. I hope to spark a more acute awareness to modern day teen depression.

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