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letter to my love

January 14, 2017
By Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
Forestert2019 GOLD, Aroura, Missouri
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Dear, Psyche my love

My mother was being neglected and she was saddened by this. I wondered and then she revealed the reason why. You your beauty was of a ten on the hottie scale . Men from all over worshipped you and none to my mother.
She wanted me to make you fall in love with another science I am the god of love. I would have done it but she showed me you. Your beauty was like a ray of sunlight and your eyes shined like the stares. Your ruby lips were one as a rose fresh bloomed. I could not do as my mother asked and was shameful for that. Alase I went to a dear friend Apollo.
I was mesmerized when I saw you on the grown. You look as lovely as the flowers you were lying upon when I spoke it was soft shameless words to have you enter my home soon to be ours. You could not see me but I could see you and you look delectable. You still love me even as I did not show you myself.
I warned you of your sisters but you being the lovely thing you are you miss your sisters and you see them anyway. Your sisters are jealous of your well being and of your love. They came up with a plan and you let them trick you. I tried to warn you again but once again you let your love block you wisdom. I found you trying to kill me and I left. My mother did not help me do to your beauty. Then you went to be Aphrodite. Your love is not enough for the mistrust you have shown me. 


Sincerely, Cupid  

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