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Is it true?

January 4, 2017
By isaelwaw BRONZE, Boston , Massachusetts
isaelwaw BRONZE, Boston , Massachusetts
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Is it true?
That Santa Claus isn’t real
and that the demons don’t hide under our beds
but in our minds?
That wars kill more than just the soldier,
but the hearts of the family too
That the media destroys our hope of happiness
and fills it with unattainable and unrealistic figures of perfection
That fathers and mothers
are no superheros but human beings just like you and me
That the law
isn’t always fair and gives horrid consequences to the innocent, yet leaves the guilty drinking tea at a cafe down the street of 57th ave.
That lovers will lie
and leave you crying, desolate, and with trust issues for years to come
That classmates will have cuts on their wrists,
but no one will say anything
That instead of following our hearts,
we’ll follow the school curriculum leaving us confused and entering college as “undecided”
That feelings were meant to be expressed,
and boys cry too
That rich white men buy million dollar yachts
and give only hundred dollars to charity

Is it true?
That we are born into a world full of deception and disorientation
So much so
that we find ourselves questioning
what’s wrong,
what path we should take,
who we are...
Do you know who you are?
Or are you merely a construct of your upbringing and environment
shaped by society and molded by trends
Makes you think doesn’t it,
that perhaps
perhaps all along
you never truly lived,
but just went with the flow,
did what society said was right

But it’s funny because when time comes,
you will be Santa Claus
you will be part of the lie
And when your children find out that the world isn’t all
rainbows and butterflies...
They will be the ones asking you,

Is it true?

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