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My One and Only

November 18, 2016
By PossiblyMaybeMe SILVER, Sacramento, California
PossiblyMaybeMe SILVER, Sacramento, California
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He is cute, dorky, funny
He loves video games, just like me
He is cuddly like a bunny
He is perfect, I agree

He is supportive, loving, caring
And he always knows when to make a bad pun
Of course he will be swearing
When we are forced to run

Although he often isn’t there for me
In flesh and blood
I would one day love to add him to my family tree
Because he is definitely not a dud

He is the best of the worst
And I love him so much
With him I don’t feel cursed
He is like a human crutch

I may not know what he looks like
But that’s okay...right?
I imagine he looks quite dreamlike
With eyes as bright and daring as the moonlight

Regardless, he is my one and only
The one I must defend
With him I will never feel lonely
Imaginary boyfriend

The author's comments:

I mainly wrote this just for fun. As someone who is single, it can be fun sometimes to think about "my ideal boyfriend" or whatever. So, I'm hoping that some people out there know the "struggle of being single" and can get a good laugh out of this poem.

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